Spartan News – BREAKING NEWS:

Hey, Spartans

The plan was to war RF. They agreed to fight us by challenging us to a battle on Saturday! As it turns out, their army was fake. Nonetheless, I bring you the latest from Spartan News:

What do you think? Will people begin to refer to Snoosen as SnooZzZen? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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Battle against GT – Results!

Hey Spartans,

We looked to face our real enemies but after challenging us to a battle, they opted out. Since our enemies were afraid to battle us we made a last minute change to battle the Golden Troops instead. We saw a big improvement from our last event in terms of hype, organization, tactics, and size! Here’s the results!

Max Size: 28

Picture of max size: 

Thanks to everyone who came. To those who stayed down, we up again.

-Mustapha10, King of Sparta

War Training Results!

The Spartans will become a battling army, thus we wanted to get people acclimated to doing more tactics, formations, and bombs! It didn’t go too good! We had 20 Spartans in attendance (others were logging on and off throughout the event so they don’t count), we must improve from this! Here’s the results!

I said I would be taking pictures but I wasn’t able to! Apologies! Thanks to Cosmos and Will for providing these two pictures!

                                 -Mustapha10, King of Sparta

New Unlock Code + Rockhopper’s Daily Treasure

Hey Spartans!

I will be doing weekly posts regarding new Club Penguin Rewritten cheats for all members of our Club Penguin army to get some tips and hints of the new CPRewritten releases and ect.

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In just about 5 days we were able to start a CP army from scratch and gather up lots of gamers to get them registered to CPR with 79 registration comments on Lord Pain’s post and 153 reactions on my opening message along with 30+ users logged onto CPR at the same time for 30 minutes doing tactics and learning

With such a crazy task at hand, it has become pretty clear to me that it would be easier to do this with experienced CP army members to contribute into building an army, so that it doesn’t just fall onto 5 people. This would expedite our process and goals and we would boom – thus the Spartans Army for the first time will be hiring staff as a one time opportunity to be apart of the Spartan Legacy.

To all the Spartans that have contributed to making history, this is only the beginning. This has never been done before and we’re going to make it as fun as possible. With it or on it.

                                 -Mustapha10, King of Sparta

Opening Parade Recap

Hey Spartans!

Today we logged on Zipline for our first ever event, and to say the least, the results were astonishing! Although the majority of our troops have never even played Club Penguin before, everyone managed to switch rooms fast, perform excellent tactics, and switch to new formations in an impressive pace!

We managed to max 30 Spartans

Here are some event pictures:

See you in the next event!

-MaximeT9, Spartans Leader