Spartans: Announcements

Invasion of Grashopper

Date: Saturday, July 10th 2021

Timings: 3:30pm EST | 2:30pm CST | 1:30pm MST |  12:30pm PST | 8:30pm UK | 1:00am IST

Server: Zipline — Room: Iceberg

Participants will get a chance to win Discord Nitro along with moving up from Helot rank and getting the special VIP role with it’s own channel!

Outside of the US? Click here for a European time zone map, here for an Asian one, or here for a Latin American one.

Registering for Club Penguin Rewritten

Greetings Spartans,

We will need all active users within the Spartans gaming community and any new recruits from outside the community to register for CP Rewritten. We need everyone to have their accounts ready to go for when we have our first event. I am aiming for a first event with 30-50+ Spartans in attendance. Do not wait until last minute to register your account. When you make your penguin make sure you choose the color red. Register your account on the following website and COMMENT BELOW IN THE FOLLOWING FORMAT STATING THAT YOU HAVE REGISTERED:


  1. Discord Name:
  2. Penguin Name on Club Penguin Rewritten:
-Lord Pain Spartans Leader

Club Penguin Warfare

Greetings Spartans,

CP Armies have had a long history dating back to 2007 and along that path many wars including world wars have taken place shaping armies into what we are today. Armies started as rogue groups on Club Penguin just having snowball fights. We evolved into a complex community with governments and politics involved. We even have our own media sites which have written news, hosted tournaments, held polls for army legend. Much of the history of armies can be found on news sites throughout our history since 2007. They also list the top top ten armies every week on their site. Right now the media websites we have are and CP Armies have always followed a set of rules that have both governed the community and given standards by which to decide victories and losses in battle. These are the original rules written on the CP Army Council Website:

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Thank you 7,000

Hey, Spartans!

I have to give a huge shoutout to the Spartans staff team for being the best to ever do it. The greatest of all time. Unprecedented and unparalleled. We just reached 7,000 users in our discord! This is huge! Thank you for doing something that is bigger than us! This is only the beginning!

Molon Labe!

-Mustapha10, King of Sparta