Opening Parade Recap

Hey Spartans!

Today we logged on Zipline for our first ever event, and to say the least, the results were astonishing! Although the majority of our troops have never even played Club Penguin before, everyone managed to switch rooms fast, perform excellent tactics, and switch to new formations in an impressive pace!

We managed to max 30 Spartans

Here are some event pictures:

See you in the next event!

-MaximeT9, Spartans Leader

Spartans: Announcements

Invasion of Grashopper

Date: Saturday, July 10th 2021

Timings: 3:30pm EST | 2:30pm CST | 1:30pm MST |  12:30pm PST | 8:30pm UK | 1:00am IST

Server: Zipline — Room: Iceberg

Participants will get a chance to win Discord Nitro along with moving up from Helot rank and getting the special VIP role with it’s own channel!

Outside of the US? Click here for a European time zone map, here for an Asian one, or here for a Latin American one.