Why are we going to WAR?

Hey Spartans,

A series of events have occurred this past week, and I’m making this post for those who are unaware of what is currently happening.

In an attempt to bring down our community, another discord server / community decided to do everything they can to ruin the Spartans. The Spartan Gaming community experienced endless raids of our discord server for about 2 days straight. These same people add our staff (mainly the girls from our staff) to groupchats where they insult them as much as possible. Ganging up on the women from our community, they try to bring them down, tear them apart and bully them all day with fake accounts in the groupchat making it up to 10 members so that the girls couldn’t add anyone else to these groupchats.

The people who did this are considered a ‘club penguin army’ just like the division we recently created within our own community. They think that we’re another group that they can just bully around, and ultimately destroy. That however is not the case. If I know one thing about the Spartans, I know that they’re willing to fight for their community. Fight for the people that they have grown close to, fight for those who would do the same for them.

Now what will you do? Will we be bullied into submission or will we fight? This all ends Saturday, where we log onto Club Penguin and completely and utterly annihilate all those who oppose us. Together we can do anything. Whether it’s a Roblox Army that tries to come into our community and harass us or ruin our community, to a Club Penguin army, it doesn’t matter – we’re gonna show them what the Spartans are capable of!

                                 -Mustapha10, King of Sparta

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