We Will Reach The Top No Matter What

Greetings Spartans,

We have had a rough beginning despite our great efforts in recruiting and I have seen this effecting some of us. It can be hard expecting some grand result and then being faced with disappointment. The world of CP Armies is a world of ups and downs. Many here don’t really comprehend this yet because most of you have never been in an army. Sometimes this game doesn’t come down to how good you are and how much you can recruit. The people around you in your army have to cooperate with your plans no matter what. We will reach the top when we are united and we move as one unit towards our goal with everyone contributing. A puzzle isn’t complete without all of its pieces and in an army every troop is a piece of a puzzle. We have to soldier through the hard times to reach the most fun parts of this game.

There are a lot of people who don’t want us to succeed mostly because it amplifies how their own failures look if we do succeed. We have had people raid us and we have had people talk down on us within the community. If we let the small things stop us as an army then who are we as individuals. We have to be stronger than that and we have to push on through any obstacle. We have legends in this leadership and we have people in the high command that show promise as future legends. In all my years I have never seen people who have never been in an army adapt so quickly and have recruiting capability. That alone shows just how much promise we have as an army and I know we will be a super power. In the end the only thing that really holds us back is ourselves and the mental blocks within our minds that hinder us.

As time goes on as long as we do everything right things will become easier and this army will become self sufficient. We have to put in the ground work to make that happen and once we do we will be rewarded. The leadership is still planning and we are looking for ways to boost this army. There is data we have to collect in order to know the best decisions to make for this army. We have to figure out the time zones of the majority of the troops so we know what time of the day we will be at our strongest for events. We have the resources behind us, we have the numbers on our chat and those numbers work for and against us as an army. We have to convert as many people to the CP division as possible. We need to hype up our events as much as we can and make sure that all leaders and high ranking staff are recruiting 2/3 hours before the event. We have to make sure we DM all who plan on attending the event to remind them about it.

As long as we do these things and we go above and beyond what other armies will do nothing will stop us from being great. The only thing that can stop us is as I said before ourselves we can sometimes be our own worst enemies. We will revolutionize armies with our work here we will be the first CP Army ran off a gaming chat. Once we have worked out the kinks within this army we will be a force in CP Warfare like none this community has ever seen. So for those of you who are down and demoralized. For those of you who expected more out of these last two events pick yourselves up. We are just getting started and we are not going anywhere for a very long time. We will rise and we will dominate and bring about a path of destruction and conquest in armies. This is Sparta!

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