How To Be Prepared For The Event

Greetings Spartans,

Since this is our first event and we have a lot of people who have never been in CP Armies before I am going to give some instructions so we can prevent this event from being a total mess. I will list these instructions and as long as everyone keeps these things in mind things will run smoothly.

  1. Every single soldier must use the color RED for their penguins.

2. When it is time for the event everyone is going to be instructed to go into the event chat which can be found on the left side bar of the Spartans discord under “Club Penguin Division”.

3. Do not go on Club Penguin Rewritten and start running around acting like a bunch of animals, pay attention to the discord and inside of the event chat the leaders will tell you what to do. The leaders will tell you the server and room to log onto. Once you are logged on you can put some uniform items on your penguin if you have them if not just being red is fine. The leaders will also say a formation such as “L formation” or “circle formation” or a variety of other formations. Use your common sense and together as a group create this formation and either stand in formation or make your penguin dance. You are not allowed to run around doing whatever you want you must cooperate for this to work. Your penguin should look something like the one below and again if you don’t have the items just be a red penguin with red items.

4. Once you are red, uniformed up (if possible), and in formation check the discord where leaders will tell you a tactic, then switch to Club Penguin Rewritten and perform the tactic. You will go back and forth between looking at the discord and Club Penguin Rewritten and you will always be informed by the leaders on what to do. Tactics are a variety of either emotes or phrases that the leaders will tell you how to do and when to do them. The goal is for all soldiers to do the tactics at the same exact time. Just these 4 things are all you need to remember to be successful at the event.

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