Registering for Club Penguin Rewritten

Greetings Spartans,

We will need all active users within the Spartans gaming community and any new recruits from outside the community to register for CP Rewritten. We need everyone to have their accounts ready to go for when we have our first event. I am aiming for a first event with 30-50+ Spartans in attendance. Do not wait until last minute to register your account. When you make your penguin make sure you choose the color red. Register your account on the following website and COMMENT BELOW IN THE FOLLOWING FORMAT STATING THAT YOU HAVE REGISTERED:


  1. Discord Name:
  2. Penguin Name on Club Penguin Rewritten:
-Lord Pain Spartans Leader

95 thoughts on “Registering for Club Penguin Rewritten

  1. My name is Chute-Mi on discord or ‘Rice-Cube’ is my id in royal font. My cpr name is IRice-CubeI. The barriers around the name are capital i’s

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