Loads of Warriors will flood the battle field, and fill your halls with blood. The commencement of war paratroops the deadliest of warriors, each and every one will be hungry for the greatest of adventures. When your two week war motivation hype dies down, the warriors will still be here… The war will rage on until victory is seen!

INVASION DAY #1 (Friday, August 26th)

Invasion of Summit

11am est

10am cst

9am mst

8am pst

4pm uk

Invasion of Mammoth

11:30 am est

2:30 pm cst

1:30 pm mst

12:30 pm pst

8:30 pm uk/gmt

Invasion of Below Zero

12:00 am est

11:00 am cst

10:00 am mst

9:00 am pst

5 pm uk

Death to all those that oppose

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